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A couple things.

1. the utility of cheating: The first couple 'winners' I had were cheaters. Usually I used save scumming. This helped me immensely, because I learned what the deeper monsters and the deeper uniques were like and what I needed to kill them. I also learned how to kill sauron and morgoth. Had I not cheated I would have lost a lot of characters in the deeper levels of the dungeon, and probably would've gotten frustrated. Once I gained that knowledge though, there's no need for save-scumming anymore. I've had several legit wins and have a character that's pretty close again.

2: Fast-playing: There are two types of fast-playing. I'm not sure which one you mean. There's the real time speed and there's the number of turns speed. Playing fast in real-time is dangerous and will cause many deaths. You often need to stop and think of whether its worth the risk, or whether to bail (it's almost never worth the risk) On the other hand playing fast in game time will actually help you avoid careless deaths. You'll be on your toes a lot more often and will be less likely to find yourself mindlessly bashing through orcs and all the sudden *you die* What? how'd i die from orcs? Oh, I got breathed on 3 times. Jeez, where in the world did that dragon come from?

3: Angband is a game of escapes. There are a lot of monsters that can very quickly make your survival perilous. You need several means of 0-fail escapes. These include (in order of usefulness) scrolls of *destruction*, staves of *destruction*, scrolls of deep descent or teleport level, scrolls of mass banishment, scrolls of teleportation and staves of teleportation, scrolls and staves of banishment. Early on scrolls of phase door, rings of escaping and rings and amulets of teleportation are useful. That being said, try playing a wimpy, stealthy character for a while. you might find yourself more comfortable with running more often than fighting. rblind and rconf are necessary, and you need to identify well in advance whether there are any monsters around that can insta-kill you, so detection is a must.
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