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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
BTW: if you are using the very latest Makefiles, you will have something called Makefile.src
This contains VERSION and COPYRIGHT variables, which are used for in appropriate places in the executable and plist.

This holds for the current version of Makefile.osx. If you are using older versions (pre-3.0.8) of main-crb.c and Makefile.osx, you are on your own.

One more thing: if you have a replacement icon for the Finder, replace Angband.icns in the osx folder. Use as large as possible a bitmap to create OSX icons. (They render much better in the dock and in the finder as large icons.)
Well, hmm,

I honestly tried, but the current set up was too confusing for me :\
so I compiled what I had ( an ancient NPP main-crb.c ) and stole from Angband what did not work ( like open savefiles ).

After playing further with the mac build, I found one more minor problem, probably because of that, I keep getting
setuid(): cannot set permissions correctly!

For the icons, I think I am set, although my personal setting of the dock shows rather small icons

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