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Originally Posted by aeneas View Post
Well- you really want to have rConf at that depth, particularly as a mage, so any arrangement without it is out. You can go without rSound, but it's a bit dicey. Also, it would be very nice to get those last 3 points of Con- they are the biggest, and you would have _huge_ hp for a mage with them. I really like having ESP too, but I think I may actually over value it a bit.

Are you primarily meleeing at this point? Caspanion looks good to me, as it gives you a lot of flex in your other slots- you can lose both the INT ring and Elessar if need be, I think.. I don't play a lot of mages, but I think that would still leave you at 0%for the critical stuff... right?
I need 18/200 INT for 0% fail. There are several ways to get there, but I've been running at 1% fail without too much trouble. I should double-check the fail rate on Mana Storm -- that is the only worrisome failure, as I use scrolls (or potions) when in trouble.

At 18/180, 23% on Mana Storm, 6% on Chaos Strike, 1% on rest of Kelek's.
At 18/200, 20% on Mana Storm, 3% on Chaos Strike, 0% on rest of Kelek's.
At 18/220, 14% on Mana Storm, 0% on Chaos Strike, 0% on rest of Kelek's.

Re: blows.
Looking at Amras, Elessar, Caspanion, and Thranduil, I have max blows with a 5lb weapon (STR 18/110, DEX 18/80). Adding Barahir (+1 to all stats) brings that to 9lbs.

(I don't think you can get a perfect save anyway, with a half-troll mage, and that is the only conceivable reason you would wear it).
Without racial bonuses or WIS, Mages reach 75% save at level 50.
Priests reach 92%, paladins 80%, rogues and rangers 78%, and warriors 68%.

18/80 WIS gives a bonus of 5%, and each point above there gives another percent, to a bonus of 19% at 18/220 WIS. So, a Mage with max WIS needs 6 racial bonus points. Mages of races except Humans, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Half-Trolls, Dunadan, and Kobolds can get perfect save. (On the other hand, a Half-Troll Priest with 18/190 WIS has perfect save.)

Caspanion does look like the right choice -- trading a 175 HP for 14 SP seems okay (Caspanion weighs 27lbs and mages have a limit of 30lbs before losing SP). Still a few interesting choices left:

Start with Amras, =Con+6, Elessar, Arkenstone, Caspanion, Holcolleth, Elvenkind shield (Disenchant), Thranduil, and Stability boots (Nexus).

Orome, =Dam+12, Free Action cesti give:
* Speed +9, 982 HP, 387 SP, 4 blows at 4d6+41, 0% fail (17% on Mana Storm).

Orome, Barahir, Free Action cesti give no particular benefit:
* Speed +9, 982 HP, 387 SP, 4 blows at 4d6+30, 0% fail (14% on Mana Storm).

Orome, Barahir, Dex+5 Cesti, and Thingol get me to theft-proof DEX, but little else:
* Speed +7, 982 HP, 387 SP, 4 blows at 4d6+30, 0% fail (20% Mana Storm, 3% Chaos).

Sting, =Int+5, Dex+5 Cesti gets me to theft-proof DEX:
* Speed +7, 982 HP, 387 SP, 6 blows at 1d6+25, 0% fail (14% on Mana Storm).

Sting slays animals, orcs, undead, and evil.
Orome slays animals, giants, and has fire brand.
So, Sting's key advantages are against U, fire D, and fire-resistant undead.
* U,D: Sting x2, Orome x1: roughly 12x1d6+150 per round, versus 4x4d6+164
* W (nightcrawler,nightwalker): 18x1d6+150 versus 4x4d6+164
* Other undead: 18x1d6+150 versus 12x4d6+164
* Other evil: 12x1d6+150 versus 12x4d6+164
Even at its best, Sting only matches Orome (and I'm ignoring the 2 point speed difference).

Bottom line, looks like Orome, =Dam+12, and Free Action cesti is best. Holes are Sound, Shards, Nether, Chaos, and no sustain on INT, WIS, DEX, or CHR.
* Sound: genocide Z and avoid Law, Balance, and Gold D.
* Chaos: I can't cover this in any case.
* Shards, Nether, WIS, CHR: few worries with 982 HP and CL 50 (and Hold Life).
* INT, DEX: can lose 10 points before any effect, then 1% fail and 3 blows. Losing more than 30 points of DEX puts me at 2 blows.

As for sale items, Rilia and Sting look like keepers (Disenchant and Free Action swaps). The other weapons (Aeglin and Nar-i-vagil) don't seem to have much value. Paurhach is clearly gone, and Thengel is beaten by Holhenneth. Thingol is a keeper for now, only because of its free action. Hithlomir doesn't seem to have much value, but the other armors seem plausible (including the robe of Permanence, with RNexus). I like all the amulets, but the Sustenance one is replacable. Evenstar replaces RLL potions and Carlammas provides protection from evil (not that I have ever used it, and glyphs probably would replace it). The ring of damage is disposable (I saw +13 and +14 on the last trip, but couldn't bring them back). I can sell off my library and just town-scum if needed, which could buy me another 4 or 8 slots, depending on how aggressive I want to be.

Many thanks Aeneas.

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