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Originally Posted by roustk View Post

Orome, =Dam+12, Free Action cesti give:
* Speed +9, 982 HP, 387 SP, 4 blows at 4d6+41, 0% fail (17% on Mana Storm).
I was thinking you wouldn't get 4 blows with this setup- since you do I think it is the best.

Originally Posted by roustk View Post

As for sale items, Rilia and Sting look like keepers (Disenchant and Free Action swaps). The other weapons (Aeglin and Nar-i-vagil) don't seem to have much value. Paurhach is clearly gone, and Thengel is beaten by Holhenneth. Thingol is a keeper for now, only because of its free action. Hithlomir doesn't seem to have much value, but the other armors seem plausible (including the robe of Permanence, with RNexus). I like all the amulets, but the Sustenance one is replacable. Evenstar replaces RLL potions and Carlammas provides protection from evil (not that I have ever used it, and glyphs probably would replace it). The ring of damage is disposable (I saw +13 and +14 on the last trip, but couldn't bring them back). I can sell off my library and just town-scum if needed, which could buy me another 4 or 8 slots, depending on how aggressive I want to be.
Hmm- well, if you have the space, no harm in hanging onto stuff. But at clvl 50 the activation on Evenstar shouldn't be needed- I actually never carry RLL, though perhaps that is part of why I tend to hit 4000' at clvl ~35 a lot of the time . Nexus is not important to survival once your stats are maxed. Getting teleported off a level can be pretty annoying, but it's also pretty avoidable even without the resist once you are fast. Both Arvedui and the permanence are overkill, IMHO. And I can't imagine that you would use Rilia just for rDisen... Orome is just so much better. rPoison... well, it's unlikely but you might hang onto it for that.

I don't think you'll find Carlammas's activation all that useful at the depth/clvl you're at. OTOH the two points of Con could come in handy- I don't think you'll wear it again, but it is possible. Of course if you find the Necklace of the Dwarves you can safely pitch it.

Anyway, this character looks like a winner to me- just needs some more speed. Good luck .
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