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Originally Posted by aeneas View Post
That's a godawful lot of potions- but, if you've got them quaff them . Now that you've killed Morgy 3 (?) times, it's worth noting that you can kill him with less, if you are looking for a faster win. That said, I don't play mages much- I've won a couple times with them, but that was long ago... I don't recall the specifics, so it may be harder to stay healthy. This is your first mage win right?
I certainly didn't fight it ideally, but I wasn't short on potions (an advantage of an incredibly slow game). I could have saved on Restore Mana by relying on my regeneration more (teleporting or tele away). Similarly with healing -- I could have teleported at 600HP rather than quaffing.

My cycle was fairly close to: stand and wait for Morgy to enter LOS, bolts until LOS blocked, mana storm until (1) HP below 600 (heal or bigger), (2) SP below 30 (mana), (3) Morgy reaches HTH (tele away with rod and mass genocide), then stand and wait.

Congrats on the win. I think at number 3 you have passed the point of flukiness- you should win regularly now. Your others were Priests right? If you're looking for a challenge, try a warrior next .
Yep -- other wins have been Half-Troll Priests, in much older versions. I've been looking at warriors, and based on my last couple trips with this character it seems that I wouldn't be in too bad shape for it. (From the time I wielded Deathwreaker until I faced Morgy, I barely touched the spellbooks at all. Hmm -- phase door, detect traps, detect invisible, detect monsters, disarm traps, satisfy hunger, identify, haste self, resistance, create stairs, word of recall, brand ammo, and genocide a couple of times. Most of this I could have done without -- there were plenty of branded plain arrows and the rest was simply for convenience. Losing double resists and Balrog-proof teleport could be annoying, but an extra couple hundred HP would make up for it.)

An annoyance that leaps out at me for warriors is charge draining. That is why I didn't bother carrying staffs after about 3000' (and especially once I reached zero-fail) -- just couldn't keep them charged because I meleed too often. My one staff of the Magi (found at about 4800') blew up before I reached Sauron, after the second pile of demons and before I even used it.

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