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IIRC randarts are still buggy because the power calculations are keyed towards the old +to-hit/dam system. So they see e.g. Narthanc with (+40, +60) and think it's Godslayer, generating an equivalently powerful randart in its place.

Absorption is in monster.txt, though it looks like fizzix didn't update the docs at the top of the file. The I: line in each entry has, in order, the following fields: speed, HP, vision range, evasion, absorption, alertness. Giant yellow scorpions have absorption of 15, so you should have been damaging them consistently with 53 average damage/blow.

Aggravation, assuming it hasn't been changed recently, simply means that all monsters are always awake. There's also an aggravation spell, which wakes up everything near you and hastes all monsters in line of sight, but that's different.
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