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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Ok, just posting some known bugs in this current version, to save people reporting them. They'll be fixed when the archery fixes are released.

1. Inspecting ammo damage shows you loads of slays that neither the launcher nor the ammo have. This is because it's erroneously applying all the melee slays from weapon, rings, etc. Your missile attacks do not actually have these slays.

1b. Inspecting ammo says "It brands your melee attacks with..." or "It causes your melee attacks to slay ..." - this is caused by a single missing parenthesis, which somehow slipped past the compiler.

2. Melee attacks sometimes say "you burn" or "you freeze" when you don't actually have those brands. This is because the monster has HURT_FIRE or HURT_COLD, and it's not checking for the brand. (Ooops.)

3. Rings of the dog have <+0> in their description, when their pval is actually -2. The new pval display code displays only the highest pval (and a short ellipsis if there's more than one) - but it assumes that the highest pval isn't negative. Ooops.
1b, 2 and 3 are all fixed in 9feb8de, which will be available from the buildbots soon. #1 is actually very tricky, because of the way that slay pvals either affect archery (launchers and ammo) or melee (everything else). Still working out how to fix this, and it's tied up with the overall archery fixes - whether archery is going to use any different mechanics etc. Sorry for the ongoing delay.
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