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Yes. v4 is basically a dev variant where a bunch of moderately radical ideas got tried out. Don't think "3.4", think "4.0". Most of them haven't made it into Vanilla proper. The two biggest changes:

* Magical and ego items are now generated using an "affix" system, which works more or less like items in your average Diabloid do. When an item is generated, it rolls to see which affixes it gets from the eligible pool for its type and level, and the affixes in turn apply modifiers to the item.

* Combat has been completely reworked, so now there's normal Angband combat, O-style combat, and v4-style combat. v4 characters have finesse and prowess instead of to-hit and to-dam; finesse determines how many blows you get, and prowess determines how hard those blows hit (by multiply the dice damage). However, different weapons have different balance and heft, which also act as multipliers, so you simply can't deliver heavy blows with a rapier, or rapid blows with a maul.

For what it's worth, Pyrel is using v4 as its base instead of Vanilla. Mostly, the affix system is far more flexible than the old magical->ego->artifact system (but the affix system can be made to emulate that system if you want). Ideally the combat logic will be readily separated from everything else so you can try out different combat rules without too much effort, too.
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