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Dark blue monster recall is very hard to read.

Hello. Is there a way to change the text colours in monster recall?

After some frustrating deaths in the ZAngband wilderness trying to get to a deeper dungeon, I decided to give Angband a shot. It's been updated quite a lot since I last played.

The tiles, fonts, term windows, etc. I could manage to adjust to my liking, but the one last annoyance remains. I simply can not read what a creature is worth in experience points. Every time I want to see what treasure or how much exp a monster is worth, I need to use my hand to block out as much light as possible next to the screen and squint to read.

There is the interact with colours option, but I'd rather have dark blue monsters be dark blue. I just want loot and exp to be, say, yellow? Or just keep the whole text white.
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