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[poscheng] How to play Mindcrafters

So playing my 2nd mindcrafter, and beginning to remember why the last time I tried a few years ago I suicided (almost never do that).

I am finding it very tedious. CL-11 now and still using Neral Blast which seems to very much be "death by a thousand cuts". Everything seems to resist. And the trusty old "hook shot" doesn't work either.

Am I missing something? Or is it very much an early game grind where you have to carefully pick your battles (I find that annoying - prefer to be a level clearer, probably why I've never been remotely close to winning).

Got a new "Pulverize" spell which may be better in a few levels when the failure come down. But otherwise I just have to pepper away until I get some better items. Until then I have no way of dealing damage in any quantity and thus no hope with uniques.
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