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I think a lot of new players come to POS with a fundamental misconception about what playing the game is. It's not you dictating to the game how it should be played, according to an arbitrary concept of who your character is and what he does. It's the game dictating to you what is required to beat it, and you then acquiescing, concepts be damned, with whatever tools you have.

To wit, classes in POSlikes are not well differentiated. Even the pure casters have to lean on archery and melee early on. Hybrids (anything that isn't a mage or pure melee) are basically melee characters with utility spells, and I'm specifically including rangers, time-lords, monks, priests and, yes, mindcrafters.

Trying to play a mindcrafter in the classical sense will probably just frustrate you. Get your AC up, buy some potions of heroism, and find a decent weapon, and I think you'll have fun.
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