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The wand turns out to be Haste Monsters, so i (k)rush it. No Helms Of Intelligence at the armorer, nor anything good at the Black Market. I buy 6 CCW. I have a short bow (+1, +4) i found earlier and i do 13 DPS with basic arrows, so i decide to buy a stack of those.


more spiders. I hit CL11 and 68hp, 20sp. Nice roll again. Level feeling 3-3.
I have to phase away from a easterling warrior, kill some more spiders, the first illusionist, and hit CL11 (Identify) 75hp 21sp.
I stumble upon some sleeping scruffy looking hobbits and mince them. Suddenly, Bullroarer jumps me. I phase, and must obviuously roll super high my 5d4 Magic Missiles because in a few hits he dies, dropping a rather massive money haul, 3 magic weapons (2 non-ID) +1 from the hobbits.
In the end it's a Spear of Acid, a Pike of Slay Evil, and a Whip of Frost. I pick the spear.

I also almost immediately ding to CL12 85hp 23sp.

I keep looking for that -3 item, and i fall into a trapdoor.


I find myself in a room without stairs, with a huge bunch of orcs and snaga, crows, and as i try to leave it, the next room has a unique in it. I cast TS and bail out. Luckily, i do not fail.

I am carrying too much stuff, i return to town.

Back in town, i see a Potion of Contemplation, and i consider if it is worth buying it to ID it. It is. Still no helm of intelligence.
"i can take this dracolich"
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