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DL10, getting ready to go to bed. It's nearly 1am. Level feeling 3-3.

A Panther tries to kill me, and some wolves join in, but i use my arrows and SP and manage to fend them off with some phase and some CLW.

Some more wolves come to bring me XP, and i hit CL13, 93hp 25sp.
Can't find anything useful on this level, and i see a Tengu. I hate Tengus.

DL11 3-3

I quickly find the object responsible for the level feeling, a magical maul. These things sell for lots of money, to i take it.
There's a few kobolds, a baby black dragon, a single warg ... i kill everything and go down the stairs. CL14 96hp 27sp

DL12 3-1

Boring level, and i am full already. I decide to go sell, see what's on sale, and maybe go to bed.
(that (+5,+5) maul sells for 1400 gold)
Nothing in BM, although i do find some Gloves of Free Action. I will likely find these, but i have the money, and there is nothing else to find here.

If i can make it to DL20, i can grind cash for potions of STR and INT. And if i can make it to DL30, there is an infinite number of armors of Resistance to sell.
"i can take this dracolich"
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