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DL15 Level Feeling 9-4

Gonna look for the stairs asap. I dont have TO, pConf, or even a lantern. There is no way i can take on whatever is so OOD here.


A Druid manages somehow to do 60+ damage in a single cast, which i survive with 16hp.
Boldor, King of the Yeeks is in the next room, i get confused and bail out vai TS. I wind up next to Grishnak and a whole bunch of orcs. I again TS twice, first i find myself NEXT to Boldor, and then next to some stairs.


I had planned to grind for some XP, which seems to work for some time. I find some half-orcs and start killing them, not realizing there is also something invisible here. Fortunately there's stairs too, and while i go blind, i drop down to the next level.


I'm far too weak to be here. I see Uftak Of Cirith Ungol with a host of orcs and black orcs, and in the next room Trolls, burglars and accolytes. I recover my mana on the stairs, and try to take on the trolls.
With the third troll dead, i hit CL17 109hp 35sp. I learn the very useful Slow Monsters. Level feeling 4-2, and before i know it i am surrounded by hordes of Louses. Stairs.


I find a conveniently-placed conga line of ogres, and i Lighting Bolt them repeatedly, cashing in a great deal of XP. I also take care, albeit slowly, of some lemures, but when i am low on mana and i see 2 dark elf mages and 2 priest approach, i read my only scroll of teleport and bail out. Level feeling 4-1, i go back to town hoping to find something useful.

again DL19, level feeling 9-3

i kill some snagas and start looking for stairs.


Level feeling 3-4, i'm going to clear this. It's a damn cave level, and almost impossible to light up properly.
Soon Ulfast, Son Of Ulfang is on me, and getting stuck between him and a Yeti i have to bail out. He follows me, fortunately there is a corridor i can hide into and use my first Frost Bolts of the game, killing him and reaching CL18 115hp 37sp.
Clearing the level takes some time. I run into a packed room full of Trolls and Uruks, plus some wargs. I cannot find what the -4 was, possibly a staff. I recall early.

Finally the BM has something decent, a Ring of Intelligence +3, which takes me to 55sp.
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