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DL22 again, level feeling 4-6

an artefact! Possibly, a light. Given how awesome low-level artefact lights have become, this could be the first good piece of gear i get.

I see Shagrat, but i will try to avoid him.

I start by exploring, and kill some low level mobs, and then hit a teleport trap. I kill some snagas, and while resting i find Gorbag, The Orc Captain. The map around me is empty, so i will try killing him. A lucky phase puts me in the room next door, and as i rest he shows up at the bottom of a long corridor, and gets nuked by fire bolts.

I keep exploring and kill some trolls, who rush me and cost my all my phase scrolls and a few CSW. I've already ditched all my CLW.
I'm far overweight, at -3 speed, and i drop 3 cash weapons in a spot center map. Killing those trolls put me at CL21 136hp 64sp. I've been tring to avoid Shagrat but can't find that 6 item, and he seems to be sitting on it. I test one of the wands i have and yes, it's a Teleport Other.
I take on Shaggy, but a few of his orc friends wake up and with my first phase i'm surrounded, so i bail out. Shagrat kindly follows me as i rest, and i nuke him - he does not resist Frsot Bolt, the fool.
I get a miserable drop. But wait, there is more!

As i head back to Shagrat's place to find that 6, i see Azog. i cannot take him without considerable risk (he moves FAST) i think.. and decide to test a theory. I have an untested wand.

Yep, it's the 6. Wand of Annihilation.. Azog dies.

But, apparently we're gonna wipe out the entire orc population today. Bolg, Son Of Azog gets really upset at me testing unknown wands on his ex-dad and charges me. I'm down to 40 sp so i teleport .. i've cleared the rest of the dungeon so i should be safe.

.. and it doesn't go as well as i imagined it. I need to use a !speed to kill him.

I get two cash drops off Bolg, and headed back to Azog's spoils, i find my first artifact weapon:

The Short Sword of Cardollim

1d7 (+6,+24)

Slay evil, *slay undead, +5 STR, +1 spd, rNexus, pFear. seems made for low level mages.

i also find a leather armour of Resistance dropped by a simple orc. I go home to sell my loot.

I do a bit of shopping, for a single potion of Enlightment, some CCW, and head back in the dungeon.

my wand of Annihilation goes home, empty, waiting for Greater Recharge.
Kinda silly that a level with 4 uniques was just 4.

DL22 again, level feeling 5-

i did not notice when, but i reached CL22 141hp 67sp. Must be those uniques i just killed..

the level feeling is 5-2, so i avoid waiting around for whatever that 5 is. If its a big monster, it could kill me. If it is a unique that im willing to waste speed and CCW on, i can wait and kill it later for bigger rewards.


i descend right next to a Trident of Slay Troll pStun, not gonna replace my sword, but it's good money.

Level feeling 4-2. I need to kill some dark hounds (blindness breath) and then take the stairs.

And i leave. DL24 is a big cave with trolls on both sides of me, level feeling 4-1. I kill a few staying on the stairs, and then stair scum again down to


Level feeling 6-6 !

I find some manes, which are badly levelled mobs, as they die easier than lemurs. My sword does 33 DPS, so i dont even need to bolt stuff.

I fight my allergy to Detect Monsters and see Sangahyando Of Umbar, which means his buddy isn't too far either. I may have to teleport him away. I dont have enough mana to kill them both if they wake together.

Having a nice ring of digging is SO useful. Even when i can cast S2M.

Ok, it's Uftak of Cirith Ungol, and the two Umbar twins. I decide to pull Uftak (without orcs in two for some reason) and teleport out.
And this moron follows me to a nice big room where i nuke him with Acid Bolts.
He drops some pathetic magic bolts, but i reach CL23 146hp 70sp.

And, as soon as i leave that room, i bump into Womtongue, Agent of Saruman.
He dies rather quickly to my acid bolts, and drops .. an elfstone. And it's not bad. [9] AC, basic resits, rLight, FA, +5 CON, A: restore CON.
I'm up to 181hp.

Why do i find mages so much easier?

I do lose in the trade +2 Infra, which is nice as a substitute for SI, but hey.
I find a young MH dragon, which i need to take down with Slow and MM and my sword. He's in a treasure room, where i find 2 unidentified scrolls, another armor of Resistance, a Dwarven plate (too heavy, i would lose 15% SP), and an unidentified weapon. Time to recall.
"i can take this dracolich"
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