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Oh no, no!

Next Banishment will remove only one monster, and Mass Banishment only one letter... When (okay, IF) our characters get old, they'll be at the general store telling the mean-looking mercenaries: "In my times, sonny, TeleOther worked with a whole row of monsters and not just one of them. But now these magical things are just not what they were."

I have noticed in my games that TeleOther does appear to be a little too common, but there are always the energy hounds.... and the nice Lich/Balrog/Unique willing to drain all the charges for hp.... and then the fireworks display whenever my warrior character attempts to recharge them....

Or maybe that's just me.

Perhaps they should be made rarer and add a new one that teleports only one monster?
He hit me for HOW MUCH?????
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