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Release 54 (21-Sep-2021)
  • Fixed a severe bug in character generation. (thanks to David Mortin for reporting)
  • Scrolls of Disjunction are now generated only in shops. You're guaranteed to find 2 scrolls.
  • Scroll of Disjunction now shows a preview of possible disjunction results (a list of scrolls that will be created).
Release 54 - Patch 1 (30-Sep-2021)
  • Note: Your save files should work after the patch, but make a backup of the save folder before updating!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented using stairs / teleporters. (thanks to Zero and Synth for reporting)
Release 54 - Patch 2 (10-Oct-2021)
  • Fixed a bug where a creature was marked as caught in a web / slime even when escaped the map effect.
  • Fixed a bug where a creature was marked as poisoned even when the effect had ended.
  • Creatures are cured from poison and disease after using Die Hard or a life saving item.
  • You can now displace creatures from a cloud map effect.
  • You can now swap places with an animated or a summoned party member or a recruited golem from a harmful map effect.
  • New character archetype: infernal (tiefling).
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