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Originally Posted by PowerDiver View Post
Because that's how it was done in D&D when the gameplay mechanics were mostly copied. The reasons it was done that way in D&D were presumably simplicity, fewer dice rolls, and improved player survivability compared to more realistic systems where a lucky blow to the head essentially kills the char.
Yeah, but I'm trying to think about it independent of things like inertia or original inspiration. If we were operating in a vacuum trying to build a game about a novice adventurer growing vastly more powerful then killing Morgoth, how would Angband's system compare to alternatives? Is AC too simplistic given that we have the power to track a million different variables? Player survivability still holds water as a reason, I think; Angband is a long game with epic (read: many turn) battles so having a small chance each turn of losing an arm or being decapitated or whatever wouldn't work so well.
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