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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Ever since selling items in town was turned off, finding spell books has been a mixed bag.

Previously, regardless of what class I was, regardless which books I had already found, at least finding a high level book was worth gold, which early on could buy a few potions on the Black Market.

Now, as a Warrior they are all wholly useless, and as a spell caster, half of them are useless. It's made worse, as (I imagine) they still contribute towards level feelings, so sometimes an excellent feeling is something of absolute zero value.

So.. ....why not have simple rules for item generation that say

Never spawn magic books if character cannot cast magic spells.
Never spawn prayer books if character cannot say prayers.

Less clutter, less disappointment, no change in balancing. Everyone wins.
This was changed in current version but reverted for a reason I don't know...
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