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Am I the only one who values AC around here? I always find it very puzzling when I read posts saying how unimportant AC is. I've won this game many times and I can tell you AC is a key part to winning. Absolutely essential. Yes, I prefer melee classes, but there are enough of those in the game and enough great melee weapons in the game to make meleeing a popular way to kill high value targets. The longer you can stand toe to toe without phasing, the less likely you will phase into more danger. I just don't understand this argument that AC isn't important! The mind boggles.... All my easiest wins are when I have 200+ AC.

Sure, it's true I'm not going to give up a base resist in the end game to get more AC, but I will, and do, give up high resists for more AC and speed if I can afford to (I will take 20 base speed over 23 or even 25 base speed for an increase of 30AC every time; speed armors are overrated unless you are hurt up for speed; of the dozen+ ego speed armors I've found I think I've worn an ego speed armor exactly zero times; and I don't just mean in the endgame or final fight; I mean any time I find a speed armor at any point in the game, I always have something better or enough speed elsewhere to make such a choice an inferior one).

As for why there isn't more ranged damage from missiles is a very good question and something I've wondered about from time to time. Sure seems like a good idea to at least try out some deep-dungeon enemies that fire 150 damage arrows repeatedly. You could have all sorts of different high level (native DL80+) ranged missile attack enemies, shooting all sorts of elemental missiles, even arrows dipped in chaos (that would be a seriously dangerous enemy if you don't have pConf where high AC could be super important). Missiles could even cause severe and mortal wounds. Could add a deep level Ranger unique that occasionally unleashes a barage of heavy hitting arrows. He could even have a special attack (and maybe @Rangers could get it as an end-game level spell, too). The spell would be called barage of arrows. Shoots three four or five arrows at once for like 80 mana.

And for those who say Angband doesn't need anymore super dangerous monsters that are auto-TO'd, might be fun to make a unique Ranger that knows how to use the terrain to their advantage for hockey stick positioning against @ so that @ can't just easily TO him everytime.

It's always been kind of frustrating that a high end ranger never gets 100% accuracy against low level monsters, and one of the more frustrating aspects of playing ranger. I understand mages are fragile and so they make up for that with 100% accuracy damage spells, but seems like rangers should at least gain 100% accuracy on lesser foes.
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