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NPPAngband/NPPMoria QT port

The NPP Angband QT port now has a gihub page for its extremely modest start. There is not much to see so far. It just opens a basic window, makes a top menu, and a file menu for starting new games, opening, closing and saving game files, including a 5 most recently played characters section. The classic Angband start screen with the author and copyright information now appears in a dialog box under the "about" section. The open and save-as commands use the standard load/save widget that would found in any modern program, even though right now it just opens and closes simple .txt files.

One major change so far: This port will give the player the ability to save and close a character, then open a new one without having to exit and re-start the game.

As stated in other threads, my goal is to build a modern port of NPP using QT and C++ with modern menus and dialog boxes that should be easily used by Angband and other variants.

Angband is a great game that basically runs off of a 25 year old custom-built game engine and game library designed for computers with the capabilities of 6-7 generations ago. I am trying to bring it up-to-date, give it a modern UI, and reduce the learning curve for new players, and eventually make a version playable on tablets. I think more than half of the source code will be eliminated and/or replaced before I am done.
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