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Oldtimer online? Search patch from 1999

Hello again.

I was searching my "Little convenience patch" to Vanilla Angband 2.8.5 from 1999.
I posted the URL to the patch on in December 1999:

I played around my liberal movement patch and am finally happy with it.

Here's the README:

Liberal Movement: Walk around obstacles -tgm

This is a hack to make movement more convenient.

If you try to move diagonal but there is an
obstacle, this code tries to walk around that
It tries to drop either x- or y-movement, prefering
the last straight direction you took or x- over

If you move straight (in either x- or y-direction),
it tries to change that in a diagonal movement,
prefering the last general direction you took.
If that does'nt work, it tries to keep your desired
direction and make it diagonally the other way.

I'm sure the code can be shortend beside the
eloquent paren.

Now it's *fun* to walk around - no need to use a different direction-
key just because of that one pillar in your way ...

Please have a look at it:


There i'm offering lm.tgz, and also loose files:
lm283.diff, lm285.diff and README.lm
lm283.diff should work for Vanilla 283 and 283h, lm285.diff
works for 285-beta

There were at least some people who downloaded and tried this patch ...
Under them potentially Julian Lighton and William "Billy" Tanksley.

I cannot find this patch anymore :-(
MAYBE somebody downloaded it at that time and still has it lying around somewhere?

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