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iPhone/Pod/OS suggestions?

I recently got an iPod touch, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for games and/or useful applications.

I downloaded Nethack for it, but Nethack is way stranger than Angband, but "100 Rogues" looks pretty neat and is on sale for $1.99 until the end of the year. There's also Settlers of Catan and a Civilization port. Anybody know about those?

I'm also somewhat interested in jailbreaking, since I could install an NES or SNES emulator on it, but I'm pretty ignorant about the process and potential consequences (are there any? "bricking"?). I also don't really know what else I would use the jailbreaking for besides those emulators. I don't need ringtone stuff, since it's not a phone, and I can change the background with the new iOS4.

It'll also be fun to use it to manage fantasy football next season, but I guess we'll have to switch back to Yahoo, since ESPN's app is not free.
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