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Originally Posted by mrfy View Post
Whirl does 2 blows per foe
Right. It's not "2 rounds of blows" per foe. One of the goals, right or wrong, was to reward Blackguards for using big, heavy weapons. Whirlwind Attack in particular is easy to see why this might be the case. You have to spin the weapon and maybe your whole body 360 degrees for each blow. Using a light weapon such as a dagger wouldn't make it much easier to do that.

At some point there is a tradeoff where the weapon's solo # of blows is better or worse than the spell
Yes, totally. Not sure if this is good or bad, but I personally think it's fun and interesting. For example, at CL20 Leap grants 2.0 blows. There's a really good chance that your character has 1.3 blows or less at that point. So it becomes a nice spell to cast even adjacent to an enemy, if you have the SP to spare. There's a lot of these little boosts and inflection points along the Blackguard journey. (By inflection point I mean a place where the optimal strategy changes.)

I also expected the Whirl spell to generate extra SP because you are hitting multiple foes, but it doesn't seem to work that way.
Yeah, I thought about that but it doesn't seem to make much sense to give SP back for spending SP. I'd rather focus on giving you good value for the SP you do spend.

And at the moment the Maim spell only does 2 blows plus a stun. Not that useful yet.
It might surprise you how effective stun is. I have written down: "Damage reduced 25%. Accuracy reduced 25%. 10% chance to miss a turn. Gives player +10 to-hit for crit calc only. See mon-timed.h and test_hit in player-attack.c." It might do other things, too. But at a minimum it's very effective at reducing the damage you take in melee combat.

Thanks so much for the comments and questions!! As I've said a few times, this is not a complete work, and the feedback is very influential. (Might not be significant changes before 4.2.1 release, depending on Nick, but I do have changes planned over the next few months.)
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