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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
I think you need 5 strength and Power to even begin to talk about one-handed warhammers being advantaged vs bastard swords, and this doesn't happen often.
Maybe this should be in the other thread, but I disagree. Warhammers are fine. If people don't use them much, there are lots of plausible reasons for this other than that they're too weak. Specifically:

(1) 4d2 warhammers aren't that uncommon (and aren't that hard to smith). A 4d2 warhammer substantially outdamages a 3d4 bastard sword with 4 Str + Power, a realistic proposition by midgame.

(2) Comparing the one-handed warhammers to the one-handed bastard sword in isolation is comparing them in a context that heavily favors the sword. The warhammer's niche consists in the fact that it gains more than the bastard sword does from (a) two-handing and (b) Charge.

(3) If hammers are actually good, why don't people use them more? I conjecture this has a lot to do with the following:
  • Most people play elves, and elves are better with swords.
  • For lore reasons important to Sil's immersiveness, there are more and better artifact swords.
  • Momentum does make swords too good, but the problem there is with Momentum, not with swords. Consider seeing how just removing Momentum plays out before further buffing hammers.

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