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Multiple pvals

This is something I wanted to see implemented for a long time now... Nice to see it's gonna make it to 3.3...

I've checked the current source code, and something is bugging me though. It seems that the current implementation simply adds the pvals from base item and ego item (if the item is an ego).

For example: an Elven Cloak (+2 to stealth) can become "of the Magi" (+2 to int/stealth)

For what I've understood, this would become an Elven Cloak of the Magi (+4 to int/stealth). This is probably a bit overpowered...

A better item would be an Elven Cloak of the Magi <+2, +2> (+2 to int, +4 to stealth) where the ego pval is affected to the object's second pval slot, leaving the base item pval unaffected.

This would work for item/ego with single pval... No idea what to do with multiple pvals items/egos with the current system. For multiplayer Angband (MAngband), a new field "bpval" has been added on the object to keep track of the "base" pval given by the object kind. When an ego item is generated, the ego pval is affected to the object pval, leaving the base pval untouched. Of course, this would add another level of complexity...
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