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Originally Posted by bulian View Post
Agreed. This is currently true for melee characters but not true for casters. A warrior finding =damage(+10) at DL30 likely has his damage output increased by 25-30%. Casters have no corresponding ring, and spell damage is directly tied to CL.
Mages will probably end up using =INT, which may not directly increase their damage but certainly directly increases their ability to use magic to deal damage. The mage's problem isn't usually DPS but rather combat endurance (a.k.a. mana), and equipment plays a major role there. Likewise, priests have "WIS.

I agree this is how things currently are but I'm not sure that this is ideal. In other games mages are more "glass cannons", capable of dealing large amounts of damage but being somewhat worthless in longer fights. Would doubling mana cost and damage output of damage spells be interesting? I don't know, but I have no desire to ever play a mage with their current setup.
Mages in Angband are already made of glass; you can't reasonably reduce their hitpoints much more. Heck, they get zero additional hit dice on top of their racial base, in addition to a -2 CON penalty.

Nor is their damage rate is bad right now, honestly. Keep in mind that the "500 damage/round" estimates we throw around here for melee don't take into account hit chance. When fighting a big target you're probably not going to be doing much better than a 75% hit rate, but spells always hit once you get your success rate to 0%. Devices are also pretty much a sure thing for mages, and they get a damage bonus based on their device skill (as does everyone else, but mages are awesome at devices). A level-50 gnome mage probably has better DPS than most warriors when using wands of annihilation. Their device skill is 13 from INT, 22 from race, 101 from class/level, minus 60 for the object level, = 1.76x damage multiplier on a flat 250 damage/use, or 440 damage, every time.
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