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Looking for advice (Sil-Q)

So I've got a character sitting at 900 in Sil-Q:
and I've got quite a lot of XP unspent. I'm debating my plan for the throneroom. It goes without saying that I need to find a better bow and hopefully some Arrows of Piercing along with a weapon to cut the crown and a decent stock of potions. Beyond that there are a number of build options I'm swithering between and could use some advice from Sil experts on.

1) Majesty/Elbereth. I think I should have just about enough XP to get to a point where I can keep trolls and weaker foes from giving me too much hassle in the throne room. Horn of Terror has some potential use there. Trolls of course are no respecters of Majesty or the Horn, but Elbereth should get them running. This is probably a slightly messy fight where I dodge high-will enemies while trying to knock Morgoth's crown off with an arrow. Breathers could prove fatal. Inner Light or Channeling is the next question if I go this road.

2) Silence/Lorien. I think I'm probably slightly on the weak side to make that work - my Grace is a bit too low and I'll be pushed to get Song very far into the 20s even with a potion. Staff of Slumber might help a little but as it stands this looks like a very delicate venture and it would need me to collect a great deal more XP.

3) Boost Archery, get Crippling Shot, and try assassin tactics. This involves a gradual picking off of weaker enemies in the throne room to partially clear it before engaging Morgoth. Plausibly needs help from Silence and/or Lorien in any case. I suspect that if this goes wrong it goes spectacularly wrong.

4) Some kind of brute force approach with high Evasion and some sort of murder corridor, Point Blank Archery and Exchange Places?

5) Something else or some combination of things above?

Any input would be gratefully appreciated.
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