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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
I'm glad you didn't because I'd read the post & was unsure myself. Harder when you're not playing, as you don't have a feel for what is working & what's creaking. Looks like you had the stealth & just lost concentration? I guess I would of gone for sneaking & sleeping? Maybe looked for a helm of defiance & used the staff. There's also sceptres of power if they still exist though they seem rare.
I was somewhat unlucky - I had high enough Stealth not to normally be too worried but on 950' Draugluin opened a door a couple of spaces from where I was and mauled me seriously before I could get up to Sprinting speed. Then back on 900' I had the Ururauko pop up the stairs in an empty corridor the turn I arrived at them and I didn't react quickly enough to it.

I thought about sleeping pretty hard but having had quite a lot of experience with it on the pacifist runs, I don't think I'd have been able to take the throneroom with it. I was only just able to get to the level that Lorien starts to really be useful for lower depths, and I don't think I could have put Morgoth to sleep. Grace limitations would also have been a significant factor with that strategy.

I am wondering if Slumber/Majesty staves need a wee bit of a buff now that Channeling no longer grants +5 Will; having Will in excess of all the monsters is a bit tricky at lower levels.
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