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Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
That should not happen (unless your rod failed, of course, or the trap was created after you detected - though it's hard to see how that happens in your scenario). If the trap was there and not detected then it's a bug (and if the area was not really detected but was marked as detected, that's a bug too of course).

Do you have view_unsafe_grids on or off? (I'm guessing on from the description, but the map is still marked by trap detection with view_unsafe_grids off, just in a different way.)

Also, was it just the one trap, or a group of traps? Trap-creating monsters always try to create a group of traps, so if it was just the one trap (and there was room for other traps to be created near it) then that explanation can be rejected even more conclusively.
view_unsafe_grids is on (yes)

It was just a single trap. I had just entered the level, used the Rod, then was walking across the room to an object on the floor when I got the trap discovery alert. I would send a save file, but the Monk has since died due to lack of adequate confusion resist. Oops

I have also seen what seems like a monster death leaving a trap. Not often enough to detail anything.
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