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Originally Posted by Angriath View Post
Playing Sil-Q 1.4.1 Beta and having a lot of fun, it's my first roguelike (aside from trying Sil 1.3.1 first for a few hours). Though it's so brutal, I am on my best run yet and just attacked a grave wraith and killed it not realising that they destroy your strength. Now I am at -1 strength and can't carry anything anymore lol.

Don't have to spoil me with exactly how but is there a way somewhere later on to get my strength back or am I just doomed? Also tips on dealing with enemies like this in the future would be appreciated.

Really cool game so far I'm glad that Quirk made this fork.
Both a herb and a potion exist that can recover you from this situation.

In terms of dealing with them, there are several approaches:
1) Don't get hit - engage at range or not at all
2) Have a high Will so you resist their attacks
3) Wear some item that protects against draining (staff of Self Knowledge will help you know if you are safe from this)

Also, I'm glad you're enjoying the game!
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