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Originally Posted by Angriath View Post
1. Is there a way to fire arrows from your second quiver instead of the first without shuffling your equipment around?
'F' instead of 'f'. This is presumably under the help '?', so maybe look at that again.

Originally Posted by Angriath View Post
2. Can you use bad potions for anything? I've tried throwing them at enemies and objects and nothing happens.
I think it used to work on enemies? However it was never meant to be in the game, it just inherited it from NPP. Just ignore bad potions.

Originally Posted by Angriath View Post
3. What does inscribing do?
Well you can write stuff on an item to remind yourself of stuff if you are test id-ing.

I think #foo will name an item if you are into that.

The main one is stuff like @w1 (you can use any of the numbers & any item commands: 'r'emove, 'w'ield, 'u'se). When you pickup stuff the letters change when things move in the inventory. However if you say inscribe a longsword of doriath @w1 & a longsword of gondolin @w2 then those weapons will always stay at 1 & 2 so you can switch without checking where it moved to. With only 1 swap weapon you can call them both @w1 & just press w 1 to swap, but I sometimes get up to 4 or 5 swap weapons in Sil so I use w1, w2, w3 etc.

Note: you can use !slow to id free action or !poison for venom's end

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