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Bug report: (Win) If taskbar is on the left, PositionX setting is stored incorrectly

As the title says.

I open my Angband.ini and PositionX is set to "-76". (Seems to be the exact width of my taskbar.) Manually edit to 0. Open Angband. Close. Reload file. It's -76 again.


(1) Same thing happens to PositionY if taskbar is at the top (the value is -30, matching the height of the taskbar).
(2) Likely source is a difference of how coordinates are read for actual use, and for storage in the settings file.
(3) The exact call is "GetWindowPlacement", main-win.c:692. The documentation for WINDOWPLACEMENT, the struct used in GetWindowPlacement, mentions this exact problem.


The game uses actual screen coordinates, except for when finding coordinates to store in settings, where it uses "workspace coordinates" (which adjust for presence of taskbars). This leads to "drift" when loading and saving these screen settings.

This is not a problem if the taskbar is on the bottom or right side, the former of which is the default case.

Suggested fix

Adjust the offending part in "save_prefs_aux" (main-win.c:692) to not use GetWindowPlacement, but the actual coordinates (...whatever that means.)

I don't have the Angband codebase know-how (or comfort in using C) to do this, otherwise I'd just implement it and submit a PR, sorry
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