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Extra text not being cleared in menu selections

After a long time away, I've started looking at the most recent SilQ on and I'm noticing that the text menus are a little bit messed up. I admit this is a relatively minor problem, and doesn't directly affect gameplay, but it makes certain things misleading.

Example 1: Hit <tab> to go to the abilities menu, and select Melee. Scroll down to the Impale selection. The text says the prerequisites are Power or Polearm Mastery. Now step down one more slot to Subtlety and that says that the prerequisites are Finesse or Polearm Mastery. But this is wrong: the prerequisite is Finesse (only), the Polearm Mastery text is left-over from the prior selection. You can confirm this by stepping down one more slot to Whirlwind Attack, which says the prerequisites are Polearm Mastery or Follow-Through, and now go back up to Subtlety. It now says that the prerequisites are Finesse or Follow-Through. Again, this is clearly because the extra text (from the longer message) is not being cleared.

Example 2: Enter the Smithing menu. Select "Base Item", "Blunt Weapon", "War Hammer", "Enchant", "of Crushing". Now go down and select "Numbers", then "increase attack bonus", and then "decrease attack bonus". Now hit ESC to exit that level of the menu. Not all of the text gets cleared - the last two lines of the previous menu are still displayed, floating in the middle of the screen. Note that the very last line of text at this point says "wielded with both hands." Go back up and select a new "Base Item", 'Bow". The extraneous line "wielded with both hands" is still present at the bottom of the screen.
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