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One of the things the mighty dagger from DL9 has, is electricity immunity. Some might say that's the least useful immunity. Not so when the big vault you find is guarded by a Great Storm Wyrm! (still on level 30...)

So I gain one level from the wyrm, and instantly another after drinking unknown potion from the room the wyrm had been guarding.

The vault also had a nether wraith, master lich and demilich. Each one simply tried to walk to me against mana bolts, did not go well for them. So another level gain, and some better gear (shield of resistance to replace shield of resist acid and ring of rFire+rCold etc)

So back to town to sell some stuff and to leave home some new artifacts that might be handy later, and back to DL30

Feeling 6... 2. Duh. Don't even know what gave the 6 feeling, there was just some common muck around.

So DL30 stopped being interesting, moving to DL31...

9-7! Feeling 9 is very justified as the vault has a maia of Varda and a drolem inside... Currently standing outside, thinking what to do. Maia can't kill me from distance, but the drolem is definitely a problem with 261HP and no double rPoison. Maybe I get lucky and there is a potion of resist poison somewere on te level....
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