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Tips for Song of Mastery builds?

Planning on running a song of mastery build character sometime. Anyone that ran one before have advice?

I'm mostly having trouble seeing how it works.

It takes a long time to get mastery up unless you're smithing a crown of mastery. But even with mastery, you'd have to beat the opponent's will by a ton for them to never get a turn in. Meaning you'd still want some evasion investment? And even if you have enough song to permanently paralyze them, what do you do when you are low on voice and the monster is still alive? !Voice are not that common. Neither are !miruvor early on if you're planning to use that as a !voice substitute. Yet you want to be singing it almost constantly since you probably have low evasion investment and will die in battle instantly without it.

I am thinking song of elbereth/vanish combo coupled with an amulet of regeneration and sprinting could somewhat solve this issue. Are there more graceful ways?
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