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Actually, am I thinking about this wrong?

When someone uses song of mastery, is it merely to supplement core stats? i.e. you never go all out on song and skip evasion but instead have a modest song score and sing mastery so that sometimes the enemies skip their turn?

It's much cheaper to get 20 melee, 10 song and 10 evasion, than to get 20 melee and 20 evasion after all.

0 to 10 of any stat is 5500 XP. 11 to 20 is a whopping 15500 XP.

With that 15.5k experience, you could divide it and get 15 evasion and 15 song...10 to 15 of any stat is 6500 XP. You'd still have 2550 XP to spare afterwards.

For reference, great cold drakes have 17 will. Assuming you have 2 grace and 16 song investment. That's 18 song.

Song is checked against difficulty = enemy Will skill + 5 +1 per square of distance along the shortest sound path +5 per closed door along the shortest sound path. Basically 22. You roll a d10 on both...the dragon would be frozen 15% of the time by song of mastery, if my math is correct. The rest of the time you better hope your 15 evasion is enough for him to miss. Against other enemies, it'll be more effective since dragons are high-willed creatures. I'm still not convinced this is better than simply pumping evasion.

What if you smithed...

Amulet of grace +2, robe of grace +2, faenorian lamp of grace +1, and crown of grace +1. 3 base grace. 9 grace. 20 song investment. 3 bonus from potion. Suddenly it seems much more viable. The additional grace will give you more voice to use so you won't run out as often. So you have to smith to make it work well? But you have to also factor in the steep smithing requirement...

Idk, right now song of mastery seems like an extremely interesting playstyle but also hard to make work.

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