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Yay! I hope you squash them dead! I hope you decimate those denizens of evil, drive them back to the foul places of the Earth whence they came. I hope your bolts split their heads open and your dagger spills green blood freely. We are all relying on you now. There are none who can stand against the might of Morgoth better than you, Ugramoth! You must not fail! The free peoples of this good, green middle-Earth are counting on you now. It is a gift these rare weapons and armaments of protection have come to you! You must not waste them! Instead, lay waste to those that would oppose you. I have faith you will see this task through. Hope is a well in my bosom that grows with each artifact and uber-ego item you find! Go now. You must not dally! May strength and wisdom continue to hearken to you.
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