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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
So some stuff from my latest play through.

The new block is very strong. If you get to whirlwind with block/heavy armour you can really tank a lot. It's probably ok, it gets ridiculous but so does flanking + ZOC.
Thanks for the heads up. Much as I'm glad to see whirlwind viable, that does suggest high protection builds are getting extremely solid. Not the worst possibility as you say, high evasion has ruled the roost for quite a while. However I'm a wee bit concerned that it's making it easier for new players to build a tin can that's very hard to open but which does relatively little damage, making combat into a bit of a slog. Does this seem plausible?

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
The duration on fear is very annoying. I'm not sure if its the initial duration or the max duration, probably the later. I did multiple laps of a dungeon wielding Boldogs spear with a couple of darting horrors waiting for it to wear off & it didn't. I gave up and left the level & it still lasted long enough that I thought my character might of been bugged.
Could be a bug. I haven't touched fear in recent times, but if something decremented it below zero it's not impossible the counter wrapped round or something. I'd have to figure out how to replicate it if something like that did happen.

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Killed Morgoth with Dramborleg & a shield. Was weaker then what a big 2-hander would of done but also a lot safer. I guess that's a fair trade off.
Looks like everything was settled inside a couple of hundred turns even so, which is quite light by the standards of some historical Morgoth-duels.
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