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New PWMAngband 1.4.0 build 3 relased!

Bugfix version + some refactoring

List of changes:

- Fix party members not always visible when LIMITED_ESP is on
- Fix stupid door mimic generation bug
- Allow negative value for BLOWS
- Activate DAM_RED as a race/class modifier
- Remove positive restriction on MIGHT, add lower cap of 1 on shooters
- Activate MOVES as a race/class modifier, add lower cap of 1
- Fix description of branded weapon when resulting damage is zero for all brands
- Don't convert pit walls when building streamers
- Don't customize pit/vault walls with passable or projectable terrain
- Refactor feature customization using a generic function
- Fix dungeon boss monsters not always being generated
- Add custom wall features for "core" walls to dungeon.txt
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