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[frog] Lots of poison warnings

Hi not sure if this is a bug or not.

Something out of sight breathed poison on me and the poison counter went straight to 525. Thats fine (but scary) but it seemed to trigger a *POISON WARNING* loop.

Not really stuck, I could still do an action between warnings. Loop was:
- So it said poison warning
- I hit space and would then accept command input
- But if I press space again the poison warning message was displayed again

Is this intended? As you can see I held down space and got hundreds of the warning.


PS: Believe it or not I survived. 2nd curing potion and my reflect shield bounced the nether bolt, and he finally didn't follow my 4th teleport.
But stuffed now: recalled out, so when I go back down will be DL39, I have not hope
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