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[frog] Stuck in bear form

So I'm playing a beorning. Bear for melee, human for spells (ranger), missile, and devices.

But while brawling some orcs I was cursed and so it will not let me change back to human form.
So I think I may be stuck as a bear until I die:
- bear form cannot read scrolls, so even if I find remove curse I cannot read it
- bear form cannot read scrolls, so cannot recall back to town and get uncursed (is there even a shop which uncurses? I've only ever used scrolls)
- bear form appears to be super rubbish at devices. Found my first rod (don't know what it is - no identify) but have failed 100+ attempts in a row. So if I find rod of recall will not be able to use it
- coffee break mode, so cannot walk back to town (no ups) and get uncursed

Am I stuck?
The only other thing I can think of is try and find some magic mushrooms patches and hope they polymorph me into a yeek or snotling or something? Will I be able to use devices/scrolls then?

Edit: Dead now
So was I missing something or is being cursed when in bear form pretty much permanent?

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