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Thumbs up Looking good!

I tried out the new SDL2 graphics mode and it is really looking great. I love the @ background too. I have a couple of suggestions for the menu behavior though.

Toggling Menu Items
For toggle-able menu options, such as whether to show the cursor or not, there really should be some kind of checkbox interface. When menu items are "greyed out" or "black", they seem like they're disabled and not available for being clicked on as opposed to being toggled off.

Resizing Windows
For some reason, I did not see the resize and move options in the right hand side of the menu bar for a good 5 minutes. I kept searching for a way to resize the windows the same way it worked in the SDL1.2 version. I think this new design is clean and it reduces the possibility of accidentally moving or resizing windows (for people that use the mouse to interact with the game). At the same time, it's probably not intuitive, especially for users going to SDL2 from SDL1. I don't have a suggestion for how to improve this though, other than the standard resize behavior of mousing over the border of a window and seeing the cursor change.

Great work dudes! Looking forward to seeing this UI land in an official release.
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