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Originally Posted by Bandobras View Post
Regarding unidentified weapons that are useless if their slays haven't found a use --- if I'm unspoiled, I really have no clue what I may be missing out, e.g., perhaps a weapon has Free Action and the only way to test is too risky to attempt. Or maybe it has Resist Disenchatment or Confusion or Blindness and so is worth keeping by any non-melee character.
Fair enough. Regarding Free Action this isn't something you exactly test for. So many monsters have the slow spell, maybe it's different with your playstyle but I couldn't imagine not getting regularly hit with that one. At worst you can un-squelch !slow. For confusion illusionists cast it, some of the dark elfs cast it.

Not sure if I'm telling you something you already know but when you look at the resists on the character sheet, see all those question marks? When they've been tested they'll disappear so you can see what effects have already been checked.
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