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Hi guys,
I'm a newbie to the Angband and I like it a lot.
But unfortunately I die a lot. It is very annoying to play 8-10 hours running and die then start new game and die again.
There is my current character:
I usually die between dl25 an dl35. Sometimes due lack of FA or SI. Sometimes some powerful uniques slay me. But result always the same.
In my current game I dived quickly to dl21 and stopped. I really afraid of paralyzing creatures deeper.
As for now I get every single item on the floor of dl21 then recall to the town in hope to find some FA item. Then recall to dl21 again.

Can you get me some advices how to survive deeper?
Maybe my inventory lack of some useful items?
Maybe you can give me some useful links about warrior playing?

Thanks in advance.
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