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!oCCWs and all flavors of teleport scrolls, check. Wand of Teleport Other might take awhile, but I'll keep an eye out. And spellbooks can burn up? Huh. That does makes the game trickier...

Also: I knew the Gauntlets were eating up some spell points, but I didn't realize just how many. Some good news, though: I just found some +2 Gloves of Free Action that don't seem to carry the same penalty. After a little experimenting, I also ditched the +4 Ring of Dex for a +4 Ring of Int. Between all that, my spell points just went from 45 to 109. Whoo - I think the rush of sudden power just went to my head. I might even have the firepower to handle a deathtrap mob of Gnomish Wizards now - time to go abuse it.

Thanks a lot for the advice!
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