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A Total Newbie Guide by an Almost Total Newbie

Hello fellow Angbandim,

I recently started playing Angband and the deepest I have ever been was Dungeon Level 42. After a series of (mostly) disgraceful deaths, I have reached the following conclusions which will hopefully spare other fellow newbies from their untimely death:

1) don't touch molds and jellies and mushroom patches. Ignore them
2) don't touch traps. If you want to pass, delve around
3) the moment you see gravity hounds, run.
4) idem for Kavlax.
4A) I can't stress how useful it is to play with PURPLE uniques enabled from your Options in order to be able to apply #4.
5) keep rations in case you stumble on a potion of Salty Water
6) Set HP warning at 60% or more if paranoid
7) never leave base resistances ignored at ANY point
8) if it looks difficult, it is.
9) never leave the starting town without a Scroll (or other means, such as Rod) of Recall

I will update this after DL 42 or when I have something meaningful to add.

Game on!

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