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Rule number one. Play deliberately. Don't rush, and make conscious decisions about which monsters to fight. The biggest problem for a newbie is trying to fight everything, and either dying to exhaustion after running out of healing, taking one step too far before healing, or taking on a monster he has no business fighting.
Kavlax falls in the latter bucket.
Various orc uniques fall in the former ones: together with their entourages, they can easily run you out of supplies if you aren't ready for them. Nar the Dwarf is the same.

Other really bad news individual monsters up through the early midgame:
Gorlim the Betrayer. He's just about as dangerous as Kavlax.
Ethereal dragons(!) and death drakes.
Plasma hounds, which WILL get you if you use teleport self regularly after CL 50.

And of course there is the Drolem (offscreen).
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