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I never delve around traps. Not finding them at all (and stumbling on them unexpectedly) is a bigger risk. I have lost a total of one character to known traps in hallways. You can pretty much evade summonses by phase door,
and stat drain isn't that big a deal. I suppose if there's a trap door between me and a GCV, I'd delve around it. But it hasn't happened yet. (The known trap death was to a paralyzing trap while fleeing dangerous enemies.)
I have lost a few starting characters to pit traps at very shallow depths, but those deaths cot me nothing--and even the paralysis death only cost a 1/2 hour of play.
Now that traps in vaults have been nerfed, even trap doors aren't a significant risk. It used to be you had to assume there'd be a trap door between you and the good stuff in (say) diagonal vaults. But that just no longer is the case. I pretty much stopped carrying disable trap rods when I realized this. Holy Infusions is the same.

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2) ... unless your character is a rogue.
Also, it depends on the trap type. Be careful with trap doors.
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