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Originally Posted by Holy_Rage View Post
1) don't touch molds and jellies and mushroom patches. Ignore them
2) don't touch traps. If you want to pass, delve around
3) the moment you see gravity hounds, run.
4) idem for Kavlax.
4A) I can't stress how useful it is to play with PURPLE uniques enabled from your Options in order to be able to apply #4.
5) keep rations in case you stumble on a potion of Salty Water
6) Set HP warning at 60% or more if paranoid
7) never leave base resistances ignored at ANY point
8) if it looks difficult, it is.
9) never leave the starting town without a Scroll (or other means, such as Rod) of Recall
1) That's why you have missile weapons... those immobile monsters won't harm you from distance, but you can
2) Traps are currently either harmless or mildly annoying, shouldn't be an issue
3) When you "see" a gravity hound, it's probably already too late, since many of its friends are probably nearby. Unless you're a warrior without ESP/rods of detection, use detection to avoid them.
4) The midgame can be harsh because of the following: Kavlax, Lorgan, Gorlim. Fight them much later on.
4A) Uniques are now uniques, you don't need purple color. Of course, in the old days, Kavlax was looking like a baby MHD...
5) Food is less an issue now, but keep a source of food ready in any case
6) Many veterans still use a 50% hp threshold here...
7A) Don't try to fight an ancient red dragon when you are actually vulnerable to fire
7B) Watch out when you swap around your equipment... you can still be killed at level 50 by one great ice wyrm breath if you forgot that your armor which you switched for a dwarven balance DSM was your only source of cold resistance.
8A) If it looks difficult, it will be less difficult later, so just move on.
9A) Never leave the town without MULTIPLE sources of recall, unless your DEX is at least 18/150 and you have fire immunity, because scrolls can be burned and rods can be stolen

10) Watch out for your light source if it's not permanent
11) If you can, detect often. The most dangerous stuff is stuff you cannot see.
12) Always have an escape ready
13) Nothing is "too good to use". Dead characters don't use items.
13A) "Too good to use" items are also very valuable. If a fight requires many high end supplies, just forget it.
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